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How do we begin to explain the story that is Gresh...

First of all, for those who want to know, his full name is Andrew F. Gresh III. Some call him Andy, his friends and listeners call him Gresh. Gresh was born in October 1974 in Brownsville, Pennsylvania and was like any other hick kid. He had a mullet, rode his bike everywhere, and didn't pick up a book until he was forced to in grade school. He played a multitude of sports and fell in love with football. He moved to New England in his sophmore year in high school and was an outcast because he didn't have a vowel at the end of his name. But people warmed up to him because he could play football and was a Rhode Island first team all-stater his senior year in high school. He got a scholarship to play football at the University of Rhode Island and from 1992-1995 started close to 20 games and earned 2 letters at URI.

And it was in the summer of 1996 that he got into radio. That summer he worked an internship at WFAN in New York City where he learned all about sports radio . Then, while finishing his degree in journalism at URI, he worked weekends as a production assistant at ESPN Radio in Bristol, Connecticut. But this would only be his first tour of duty at both radio entities. In February 1997, Gresh was hired as an overnight producer at WPRO-AM in Providence and he left his job as a manager at a Pizza Hut. He left his job at ESPN Radio because WPRO's sister station was flipping the format to sports and the decision was made to put Gresh on air as co-host of the morning show on 'The Score' WSKO-AM in Providence. His on air career began on October 20, 1997, 6 days before his 23rd birthday. The owners of 'The Score' didn't know what they got themselves into. Gresh has done mornings, afternoons, you name it while at WSKO-AM. And 6 years later he was summonsed to do some fill-in work at WFAN where it all started. Then the call came from ESPN Radio. So before the age of 30, Gresh had come full circle and was on air at the places where it all started for him in radio. Gresh then was picked to become an analyst for an NFL team. He's in his 4th year as a pre and post game analyst on the New England Patriots Radio Network . An amazing feat since he only played college and not pro football. 

Gresh added considerable TV credits to his resume as color commentator for the ECAC Football Network on NESN, and a co-host, contributor, and guest on Comcast SportsNet New England. WSKO-AM/FM went under in March 2008. Then Gresh joined Sirius NFL Radio as a host, and got his own weekend show on ESPN Radio, The Andy Gresh Show. He's worked on just about every show on ESPN Radio and in addition to his work with the Patriots Radio Network , is now the color commentator for CAA Football on Comcast SportsNet, returning to the conference in which he once played. Now, Gresh begins a new chapter in his career and life as he has been tapped by the legendary Christopher 'Mad Dog' Russo to be the host that follows him Monday-Friday on his MadDog radio channel on Sirius/XM.

Now, the nation gets to hear Gresh EVERY NIGHT!! Where does Gresh go from here...ride along and find out!!


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